Bible as friend not foe.

I am hearing more and more about “Bible Self Defense” and reading the scriptures with a distant and pessimistic eye from progressive Christians. Why are we afraid of the Bible?

The Bible has been used as a weapon for so long that we seem to forget that it is a message of hope and peace at its core. The First Testament shows us the journey our faith ancestors took with God during some of the hardest times of wilderness, alienation, and heartbreak for their relationship with the Creator. They wrote extensively about their experience and conversations with God. The Second Testament gave us even more reason to have hope in our relationship with God because it was as if, for the first time, God and creation were on the same page. Jesus gave us the ability to live into our hope for the Kingdom of God here on earth.

When I read Scripture, I immediately gravitate to the passages that share with us hope for liberation, kindness for our fellow human, and radical grace from God. There are definitely some murky passages in there (have you read about the genocide in the Land of Canaan!?), but relationships, faith, and experience are constantly evolving and teaching us something. There is plenty to learn even in the passages we wish did not exist. God is with us even when we seek to destroy rather than lift up in the name of divinity. God is merciful, kind, and loving. God is with us in all of the ups and downs of this life, so why do we not let in the experiences of those who have come before us?

It may not be perfect, but it is our spiritual inheritance. Our job should be to take it and hold it tightly, and if we are brave enough, add to it for the next generation.

Published by Irreverent Rev

audacious. jesus freak. suffrage lover. level head, open mind. laugh enthusiast. trying to become brave.

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