Dry Bones.

Recently, I have been reading and rereading a passage found in Proverbs 17 that says, “A joyful spirit is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (verse 22)

I am not sure if my bones are all dried, but I do know that I am struggling to have a joyful spirit. It seems to me that I have found myself in the desert. I have been asking God quite a bit if I have been brought out here to die. Like the Hebrew people in the wilderness, I am curious if I have left the captivity I was once in to be killed with the promise of delivery and salvation.

I wish a return post after so long could be one with hope, joy, and good news. However, I am not feeling those things yet. I know I will again because that who is I am at my core, but for now I am in the wilderness. I am here and wondering where my community is. Loneliness is the killer of dreams, and I am doing everything I can to reclaim my calling. My calling is to be a pastor; a pastor that can be honest and authentic in all things. I will not stop being who I am already at the foundation of my soul, but for a moment I am resting as I walk through the wilderness.

I know others have walked this path before me, and I know others will come after. If you find yourself on the journey and feeling similar, know that you are not alone. We can walk this road together.

Published by Irreverent Rev

audacious. jesus freak. suffrage lover. level head, open mind. laugh enthusiast. trying to become brave.

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