Personally, What is the church?

For class I am writing a series of essays. Go with me on the journey this semester. I welcome any and all feedback. Do you agree with what I think of the Church?

“What is the church, and what is its mission in our time?”

The church, for me, is a collective body of believers gathered to worship the Divine (in whatever way the collective or individual deems good) and to potentially live in community with one another. The Church is the greater representation of the individual congregations and gatherings. I believe the difference is that the churches that make up the Church are on a much lower and more hands-on grassroots level. The Church as we understand it today in America is the greater reputation of the Christian faith. For me, as a queer woman attempting to join the ranks of clergy members, I find our reputation to be atrocious. We are not personifying the qualities, as I see them, of the Christ or what he represented in the world at the time of his human life and death. I believe real change can happen inside of the Church when congregations and gatherings decide to take back what it means to be a Christian. We have the potential to change the world if we could ever stop worrying about which cup Starbucks uses or does not use for three months out of the year.

As for the mission of the church, it really is to change the world. We are called to be the Christ in our communities, cities, states, and countries. At some point, (probably around the time of Constantine) we allowed the Church to become a political structure more than we required it to be a faith organization. We decided we had more trust in the politicians who benefited from us than the God who created us. It is, again, our potential and our requirement to reclaim the Church for what it should actually be known for in the world. We are to be salt and light. We should be critical to the world. We should not let governments decide when people are deserving of homes, food, clothing, or even a country to claim. That is the job of the church. It is our job to house the homeless, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the resident alien. Where is the Church though? Sadly, we have allowed it to care more about presidential elections than the people who are right in our backyard. We have abandoned the hungry to argue about the color of our coffee cups.

I reclaim the mission of the church. Our mission is to love Jesus, to be Jesus, and to actually live like we know Jesus. If we could manage that, then we truly could change the world; Jesus certainly did.

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