Foreigner in the Land of God.

Have you ever felt like you were a foreigner in the land of God? Sometimes I step into church and I feel so distant and lost in the conversation about potlucks and board meetings. I forget how to speak the language of Christianese. I don’t remember that I am supposed to be a meek and mild woman instead of the crass and crude person I tend to be. I fall apart when held up to the standards of what it means to be a “good Christian.”

I am a foreigner in the land of God.

I do not belong there. I am alone in a place that has politicized a love of God and a desire to do good in the name of God. The politics have watered down the actions it takes to truly be in a spiritual place and live into a spiritual calling.

I am a lone person calling out to God to be more, do more, say more and exist in this place more. The Church has lost its way. They have decided that presidential candidates are more important to talk about than the hurting and hungry among us. The Church has decided a new set of nursery toys or paint on the wall is more valuable to increasing the number of attendees than going out and equipping people to help the orphans, widows, and resident aliens among us.

I am guilty of being a native in that place. I am guilty of thinking the Church is only capable of going about its political work. I am guilty of speaking the native tongue and only seeing the native concerns of the church as a physical place.

But today, I am declaring we become foreigners in that land. We take ourselves out of that place in order to regain our identity in solidarity with the God that created us to be more, do more, and say more. We can do this if we remove ourselves from the idea that pleasing the people who are around us in this land is more important than seeking out the hurting. People are hurting, and we are allowing the Church to distract us with pew colors and committee meetings.

No more. Today I am a foreigner in that land. Today I am free to be a blessing to someone else with no denominational strings attached. I do not care if you were sprinkled or dunked. I do not care if you take intinction or pass the plate with real wine or grape juice. God is calling us to get out of the land of dogma. God is not in the box we have placed God in.

Come with me. Be a foreigner in the land of the Church’s God. Be with God out here with the hurting, the hungry, and the homeless. Be with God in this life. Because when we are with God, life will be the better for it. I guarantee it. God is moving. And I don’t know about you, but I would rather go with God than with the committee arguing about the new carpeting for the classrooms.

Love God. Love People.

Published by Irreverent Rev

audacious. jesus freak. suffrage lover. level head, open mind. laugh enthusiast. trying to become brave.

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