Practicing our faith.

I am a new mom, so life around my house is a little chaotic (to say the least). However, I spend a great deal of time thinking about whether or not I practice my faith enough.
Recently, my small group at church has been working through Marcus Borg’s Heart of Christianity. I have read many books about our faith since becoming a seminary student, but none have given me such clarity and simplicity (even in the big ideas) about what it means to be a Christian quite like this one. Borg writes with an academic voice, but one that is still understandable to most readers. He passionately writes about the process of taking back our faith and reclaiming it in emerging terms that we can understand. In saying that what I mean is that he is taking terms (such as: sin, salvation, Kingdom of God, Born again, etc.) and showing us a new way to incorporate them into a livable and breathable faith. We are not restricted by a modern interpretation of that language when given an historical context and post-modern/emerging reworking of those ideals of the Christian faith.
I will probably write about some of the other chapter topics as my thoughts form more clearly, but for now the idea of “practicing our faith” is on my heart.
Doctors practice. Lawyers practice. However, ministers simply minister. The law and science are so much more concrete than faith and spirituality, but we allow those professions the spaciousness they need to call it “practicing.” Why are people of faith not given that same freedom to mess it up?
Some of my favorite books on spiritual practices are by people that admit freely that they are not that good at them. Last night, in my group, we discussed different kinds of prayer, journaling, meditation, and the like, but I love that we decided equally important were the non-traditional activities we enjoy that can be quite spiritual. For instance, we re-envisioned a faith where you could crochet, color, research, study, listen to podcasts, tweet (and many other activities) in order to tap into the Divine moving in the world.
There is power in knowing that God does not limit Godself to just the things we assume are, or have been taught are, spiritual practices. God is bigger. God is moving, and God is showing you things all the time if you open yourself up to seeing them.
My prayer for you is that you are able to open up your heart and mind to a new way of being in relationship with God today.
Share your ideas below on how you have in the past or want to in the future tap into that relationship.

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